Damien completed his Doctorate in Creative Arts with the University of Wollongong in 2012 and is scheduled to graduate in July. A composer by training, Damien's compositional ideas are often driven by instrument -design rather than purely the abstract process of composition. He is interested in constructing instruments in both the real and virtual world and his compositional works are driven by the exploration of how the instruments function.


Having spent time in the broadcast industry as a sound engineer, Damien also has an interest in sound design for films. An avid listener of audiobooks, he is more recently, exploring sound design for audiobooks. Having done a number of soundscapes and attempts to document the acoustic ecology of various places, he is interested in the possibility of combining the world of soundscapes and that of audiobooks, given the right story.


He is currently an academic staff at the School for Technology and the Arts at Republic Polytechnic. He lives in Singapore and has a keen interest in aquatic plants, tropical fish and cycling. To contact Damien, send an email to email_at_damienlock.net.




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