2012-08-07 10:01:40

Marurico Kagel's massive treasure trove of works. In particular..."Acustica" (available @ http://www.ubuweb.com/sound/kagel.html ) and It's use of the modeku- AKA nail violin- which was popular in the mid 18th century (check out a specimen at MIM:http://www.mim.be/modeku -the webpage includes some sound samples to listen to). Perhaps it's time to re-think the use of nail violins in music education, especially for beginners- as in the 3-6 YO's who struggle with getting posture and intonation right on a modern European violin... Of course, the nails will have to be filed down first. Nonetheless, it presents some interesting possibilities


2012-06-30 19:27:06

Just completed sound design for short story "Grasshoppers" which has been recorded as an audiobook as part of READ! Singapore. It's difficult not to treat it the same way as doing film sound. The story lends it self to aural treatment easily. But stylistically, English audiobook listeners probably don't expect or maybe even tolerate dramatisation in the treatment as much as listeners for the other languages where a strong tradition of radio drama probably has listeners demand it. In the Singapore context, at least.

Interactive stories

2012-06-30 19:01:34

The recent resurgence of interest in interactive stories,as discussed by the author of Dreamhold. Will "choose-your-own-adventure" finally live up to its potential?


2012-06-30 08:31:03

Found new short story by Bruce Sterling and Rudy Rucker.. Hopefully there'll be an audiobook version.

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